Smart solutions water industry

The project

A makathon is a three-day competition in which several multidisciplinary teams work on a case. The case during the competition is a particular challenge at play within the drinking water world, in this case climate change. Climate change is causing more and more extreme dry and wet periods. These periods lead to serious problems, think for example of the temperature increase in water pipes, this increases the risk of legionella. Agriculture is also experiencing the consequences. During the three days, various teams had the opportunity to listen to inspiring pitches from different experts and then translate this information into a possible solution.


In order to set up a proactive information system for performing analyses to optimize treatment processes, it is essential to have an IT facility in which process data is made available to companies in a standardized and accessible way. This can ensure that performance related to the treatment process can be optimized, leading to more efficient production of drinking water. I was made responsible for translating user needs into requirements. As a business analyst and project manager, I conducted many interviews and presentations with stakeholders. The goal was to gather as much information as possible, and then to translate this into a concrete plan for the new information system. Since the system contains chain-confidential information, it is very important that the data security and data management are well organized.

We managed to work out different scenarios, both cloud-based and on-premises, all of which meet security standards and user needs. The result has been evaluated by the end users of the future system and the management involved in the realization of the project is very happy with it.