Next gen travel award 2019

The project

One of Reiswerk's objectives is to ensure that there are enough qualified employees in the travel industry. This requires a continuous influx of new talent. One of the events where up-and-coming talent can get in touch with the travel industry is the Travel Challenge, a (previously) five-day business course abroad with the aim of getting students excited about working in the travel industry.

During the event the students can present themselves to the travel industry. In multidisciplinary teams they work on a business case. By organizing this event, Reiswerk makes future travel professionals aware of the possibilities of working in the travel industry. Together with many professionals from participating travel companies and educational institutions, they will be inspired by experts, and treated to surprising learnings, leading to great innovative ideas.

For the students, the Travel Challenge is an important event to gain the interest of the travel companies present. The Travel Challenge can be seen as a springboard to enter the travel industry, into an internship, traineeship or a job. For the business community the Travel Challenge is the moment to get in touch with new talent. For employers this event is an effective tool for employer branding.

In addition, a session is organized for education and business, with the aim of better connecting practice and education and creating collaborations.


In 2019, I participated in the Travel Challenge in Side, organized by Reiswerk. An intensive week that stood for multidisciplinary collaboration, learning from each other and inspiring. Our team managed to be nominated for the 'Next Gen Travel Award' and also received the title 'Best Team 2019'.

Our idea: Hive, a platform where data and services from different travel companies can be combined via blockchain, to make the door-to-door experience of the business traveler central.