Doers in construction go digital

The project

Digitalization is a transition that has not yet been adequately addressed in the construction and infrastructure sector. Many essential processes are still carried out in analogue format, which leads to unnecessary risks. Many SME contractors are unable to establish a healthy learning culture around working digitally due to a lack of time, knowledge and experience. This project serves as a starting point for several SME contractors, and their employees, to get started with digital tools that realize structural optimizations of business processes. Analogue bottlenecks are identified and overcome, freeing up time to invest in human capital. The appointment and training of a 'Chief Digital Officer' within the companies ensures that the impulse of this project is structurally implemented and accepted more quickly throughout the organization. Through the 'Stichting Rondom GWW Digital Academy', the lessons learned will be shared with other SME contractors, helping the entire sector in the field of digitalization of business processes.


The goal of this project was to remove the following barriers to the development of digital business processes and a strong learning culture:

1.Insufficient knowledge of the practical digitization and automation tools that can be implemented in daily business operations;

2.The high (time) threshold to recognize and implement digitization opportunities;

3.Insufficient time for employees to focus on gaining and maintaining new knowledge;

4.Insufficient support and no designated "expert" to implement digital business processes required by the Quality Assurance Act and develop a strong learning culture.